Burn-up Chart

The burn-up shows the amount of work which has been completed in a backlog for an specific point in time. As time progresses and items from the backlog are completed, the burn-up line may be expected to raise . The ideal line represents the required burn-up to reach the effort goal to be in at the end of each iteration. The amount of work in scope may also be represented as a line.

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    • Hints!

    • Total iterations
      Time is placed on the horizontal axis, this could be Sprints, hours, days, weeks or even months.
    • Total Effort
      Vertical axis could be expressed in the most suitable form such as user story points or task hours.
    • Adding Iterations
      You will only have a number of sprints completed by the moment you are creating your burnup.
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    Total Iterations is required. Min value is 1 / Max value is 52.
    Total Effort is required. Min value is 1 / Max value is 10000.
    Required. Min value is 1 / Max value is 1000000.