Backlog Health

According to the Scrum guide, the product backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product. With time this backlog becomes a larger and more exhaustive list. Keeping it in good shape is key to guarantee readiness for sprints to come. You could accomplish that through “backlog refinement” also called “grooming”. Now, the question is “How much grooming is needed?” Backlog Health is a great indicator of it.

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    • Ready Backlog effort
      How many items in your backlog are ready for a next Sprint? Now add up the effort required to complete those items (i.e. groomed story points).
    • Previous iteration's Effort
      Provide the effort completed in your previous Sprints to calculate the average velocity.
    • Velocity Average
      Compare the groomed effort with your average velocity. If the groomed effort line is above your team’s average velocity, that means your backlog is in good shape (continue grooming to be – at least – two Sprints ahead!).
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